Jubilee street party cook-off with Tesco Real Food


All the bloggers from left to right, me, Kerry, Claire, Rosalind, Fleur and Michelle.

Last night I was invited to a fabulous Jubilee inspired event hosted by Tesco Real Food magazine in the Cookery School at Little Portland Street, W1.

I was cooking alongside top food bloggers Claire from Crumbs, Michelle from Utterly Scrummy, Fleur from Homemade by Fleur and Kerry Multiple Mummy and hosted by the school’s principal Rosalind. As a keen, but slightly haphazard, self-taught cook I was very excited to glean some tips from the experts.

Preppng the food

All hard at work preparing our Jubilee dishes

The task was to whip up a Jubilee street party spread. With people throwing street parties all over the country – I know of at least 9 local street parties here in Ealing alone – conjuring up a delicious, tasty menu that will appeal to all ages and taste buds is the key to your party’s success.

On the Tesco Real Food menu were chicken tikka drumsticks, a pea-shoot salad, an English breakfast quiche, a coronation coleslaw and decadent trifle. I was appointed the coronation coleslaw – something I would never normally make at home.

Tara prepping cabbage

mixing in the sauce

Rather nervously mixing in the sauce

The recipe is easy. First up you poach your skinless chicken breasts. While they are poaching, chop the onion and cabbage and coriander. Rosalind recommended blanching the onions to make the taste softer – again a simple trick with very good results. However, the main job and the secret to the overall success of the dish was to make the coronation sauce. The recipe states 6 tbsp of mango chutney and 3 of korma paste with 150mls of natural yoghurt. I mixed them together with an impressive spatula, but the first taste was too thick and strong, so I doubled the amount of yoghurt and then added a squeeze of lemon. The result was rich and creamy but with a slightly lighter and fresher flavour than at first dip. Sauces are very much down to individual taste and I veer to the lighter side of the sauce palette. Mix the chicken and veg with the sauce, add sultanas, a sprinkle of coriander and toasted almonds and you’re ready to serve.

Coronation coleslaw

Coronation coleslaw – so tasty

Over at the hob, Claire was whipping up a storm making her custard for her wickedly tasty trifle. Custard quickly transforms from a thin liquid to a thick creamy consistency so it’s nothing something you can make in a lazy mood. I had no idea that ice-cream is just frozen ice-cream – one of my many eureka cookery moments of the night. Kerry was hands on peeling the skin off a massive batch of drumsticks. In future I will always skin my drums. They tasted much better and were grease-free.

Rosalind showed us the secret of a good dough and Michelle looked the pro rolling out a delicious pastry and creating her lovely quiche. Fleur prepped up the salad in no time too. It was great how fast we put together our feast and is a good reminder than making dishes from scratch is really easy to do – and so much cheaper than buying it in ready-made.

By now my tummy was rumbling so it was a pleasure to sit down and eat our dishes. The dinner was fabulous. The Tesco Real Food Jubilee menu is a lovely mix of healthy and decadent (the trifle) and nice and filling too. I far prefer to eat a slice of quiche or drumstick at a party than scoff my way through a huge bowl of crisps – although have been known to do both!

Eating Jubilee dinner

Tucking into our Jubilee street party spread

With two Jubilee events coming up I will definitely make the coronation coleslaw. It was quick and easy to make, plus very good value at 55p per head. You could eat this as a side or stuff into pittas for an easy to eat on the move/standing up dish. The drums and three-pea and Wensleydale salad are a new addition to my BBQ menu for the summer too – £1.45 per serving of 2 drums per head and 73p per serving of salad.

Have you got a lovely, tasty street party recipe in mind for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations? Tesco Real Food would love you to share your favourite street party recipes. Cooks can upload their top dishes to their Recipe Finder tool. It’s quick and easy to do. You just need to write up the ingredients, methods and add an image – if you have one handy.

Upload a recipe and not only will you see your dish online but you’ll be entered into Tesco Real Food’s weekly prize draw. You’ll also have the chance to win the grand prize of a weekend cookery course for two at the Ashburton Cookery School. Visit Tesco Real Food for more details.

Thank you to Tesco Real Food for the lovely night out. Roll on the Diamond Jubilee!

Coming soon… What I learned at cookery school – my top 11 tips …


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