World Book Night


23rd April 2012 is World Book Night and I’m a giver. The book I’ve chosen to give away is an old favourite – I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith.

I read this book just after I graduated from university and was feeling a bit lost. Back at home, not really sure how to break into the job market I had the realisation that life is not always simple and easy! I Capture The Castle takes you into the enchanting and eccentric world of Cassandra. She lives in rambling, run down castle with her brother,sister, ultra glamorous step-mother and father, an author suffering from serious writer’s block. Cassandra is a brilliant character and from the opening line you are drawn into her world.

There’s not enough books with funny, quirky, bright and articulate heroines. Cassandra’s a young girl who gets quite a lot of things wrong, but also is wise and astute.

Her coming of age story really struck a chord with me back in 1997 and I’m looking forward to re-reading it now that I’m so grown up, y’know!

I’ll be giving copies away of this book on World Book Night. I might even throw in a slice of
cheese and glass of wine – maybe a candlelit reading too. If you haven’t read this book then add it to your list right now. Tempted? You can read an extract from
I Capture The Castle on the World Book Night website.

Dodie Smith is best known as the writer of the classic, The Hundred and One Dalmations.


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