Nice Day Out – Grayson Perry’s Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman at The British Museum


I’ve always been a bit put-off Grayson Perry. I find his transvestite alter-ego unappealing so have never really taken much interest in his work. However last weekend that all changed when I went to his sell-out show at The British Musuem.

The exhibition is briliant. It’s witty, funny, thought-provoking and relevant. I was completely wowed by it and have been thinking about some of the ideas on and off all week.

For those who have missed it, the exhibition is an insight into the world of Grayson Perry, his own ‘civilisation’. He had access to the archives of the British Museum and the show is a collection of exhibits from around the museum and his own work. Everything was modern once and the mix of ancient relics and contemporary pottery, quilts and exhibits complement one another.

I loved the Map of Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress by Jefferys 1800. It’s a moral map guiding pilgrim’s on their travels – the land of enchanted ground and the country of conceit were two of the highlights. It would be useful to have our own moral maps as we navigate our daily lives and all the temptations along the way.

His pots are fascinating too. I loved the one littered with slogans and speech bubbles about why people had come to the exhibition such as ‘I wanted the poster’, ‘I heard about it on twitter’. It was a very witty entrance.

On the way out I made my usual pilgirmage to the shop and bought 5 postcards and a key-ring. Then we went off on our second journey to find the mummifed cat and crocodile.


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