Going neutral

Neutral paint colours
We are in the process of redecorating our house. It’s briliant white at the moment and sometimes so stark I don my rose-tinted shades as I go about the housework. One year on from moving in and the epic re-build, the walls have a few new additions; scribbles, stains, chips and bike scratches so it’s time to tidy up, paint and embrace a more mellow look.

So, I’m submerged in a world of neutrals. Fired Earth, The Little Green, Sanderson and Farrow & Ball paint charts are my current bed-time reading. Many helpful people have pointed out I can pay a quarter and go Dulux but there’s just too much choice. The pared down pallettes of the posh paints are all I can quite handle, plus I figure the texture and finish is so much more painterly and smooth.

On the shortlist are Old Ochre or Light Umber by Fired Earth, mid warm Stone by The Little Green or Joa’s white Farrow Ball. All mellow versions of beige – nothing too exciting. It must be a sign of age the embrace of beige, but after living in bright blue-tinged white for 18 months I can’t go too dark and I feel the house, with it’s quirky eco-heating, needs warming up not any more cooling down this winter.


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