The Power of Making


Last night I took a twirl around a rather inspirational exhibition, The Power of Making at the V&A. The exhibition is made up of 100 exquisitely made objects and artefacts from leading designers and unknown craftsman around the world. It’s a cabinet of curiousities. There’s an emphasis on experimentation. The objects are displayed around the room, high up and lowdown on the walls and in cabinets. Three large video screens show juxtaposing images and clips of the craftsmen at work reminding you of the process of making and the intricate and dedicated handiwork behind these sophisticated and beautiful objects.You can watch the video from the Power of Making here.

Visually I’ve always enjoyed looking at everyday objects. In the Power of Making I found many of the objects fascinating and surprising. The box of laid out prosethic eyeballs – all staring back at me quite innocently, made me think about the life-changing impact wearing a prosthtic eye would make to those unfortunate to lose an eye. The nose had the same impact and was a postive reminder of the innovations in the medical world.


The highlights were the eyeballs, the saddle, the massive crochet bear, the pencil art, the spray on dress, morse coded embroidery, Lady Gaga’s lip wig and the infamous Armadillo Alexander McQueen shoe – which must be close to impossible to walk in.

Go see it before it goes. Take the kids too. It’s a thought provoking and inspiring little exhibition.
Free at the V&A museum.



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