My guest post about ‘How to do Festivals with kids in tow and a tent…’ on BritMums

camp bestival

I was so thrilled to be asked to write a guest post about what to pack to festivals for BritMums. Please do let me know your festival experiences in the comments below and any essentials you couldn’t festival without (aside from money and wellies)!

Jen, one of the founders of BritMums, is an old friend of mine from back in the iVillage days. We used to take the train together up to Welwyn during the dark days of the Tesco buy out and bonded over peanut butter bagels and lunchtime delights such as the roast dinner in a large yorkshire pudding delight. We did also create lots of great editorial content for women online… Jen has now powered ahead in the world of blogging and recently hosted the amazing Cybermummy Conference which I attended, and loved, last weekend. Cybermummy went by in a flash. I gleaned so many useful and amazing tips on the blogging world and got to meet a writer I’ve always admired who was even more brilliant in real – life Rachael Johnson. Ok, I’ve covered three major subjects in one blog… gotta take a nap now.


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