The allure of Deadly 60

My 5 year old adores Deadly 60. The craze peaked in February and now has slightly waned. At one point he was writing daily letters to Steve and talking non-stop about Deadly 60. I scoured West London for the Deadly 60 cards up to the point when the newsagent offered me a box for 25 quid and I took the lot. Unlike many programmes for kids, I’m a big fan of Steve Backshall and the Deadly 60 series too. I like the way he celebrates danger. Watching Steve pop out of a bush, shirt half wripped poking around for snakes is truly exhilarating in this often sterile TV world. Steve sends out a passionate and positive message to kids about animals and helps to instil a love and respect for nature.

Here’s the link to the feature I wrote for AOL’s Parentdish. The Allure of Deadly 60.

You can also see my new profile page on Parentdish. Wish I’d slapped on a bit more concealer before the photo shoot – which was taken by husband at 7.30am one morning.


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One Response to The allure of Deadly 60

  1. Emma Cherry says:

    Deadly 60 has been an addiction in our house for the past 6 months and we have had massive arguments over whether it’s Peppa Pig or Deadly 60! My son now knows how to use iPlayer and watches Deadly 60 shows back to back and at breakfast time! The worst part is that the husband can’t concentrate on ‘parenting’ as he gets as absorbed the the programmes as much as my son.

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