Festival Packing Checklist

camp bestival

We are off to Camp Bestival this weekend and in an effort to get organised I have started packing. A small mountain has erupted in my sitting room – much to the delight of the boys – but less to me and my husband who are wondering how we will fit it all in the car and then transport it across country fields to the camping area. I had not realised how much stuff is involved with a camping trip. We have an enormous family tent, (which I hope we can erect!), sleeping bags, air-beds… the list goes on. So, for anyone else heading to Camp Bestival or one of the other family-friendly summer festivals in August here’s my packing guide.

1. Tickets and directions

2. Fancy dress outfits – essential for Camp Bestival

3. Layers of cool clothes for the day and warm stuff for the night as it gets chilly

4. Sunglasses, sun hat and plenty of sun cream. Even if it’s slightly sunny slap on heaps of suncream as you’ll be outside all day

5. Camping gear: tent, air-beds, sleeping bags, extra blankets, lantern

6. Lots of plastic bags – pack everything in them as they keep it all dry

7. Bin liners are great too: I know it’s un-glam but they’re useful to sit on – and they fit in your pocket!

8. Wellies and a lightweight waterproof coat (also un-glam but better to be warm and dry than fashionable)

9. Loo roll

10. Headache pills for the mornings after / Calpol incase the kids get sick

11. Your mobile – charge it up before you leave. You could get a disposable phone charger for the weekend

12. Ear protectors for little ones. Ear Defenders do a funky range for £14.99 to protect little ears from damage

13. Torch – keep one in your pocket so you can find your way in the dark

14. Soap/baby wipes – long queues for showers might leave you 3 days unwashed so pack baby wipes and facial wipes for a quick spruce up in the tent

15. Hand sanitiser – keep hands clean on the move

16. Picnic blanket

17. Child carrier – Little Trekkers have a good selection of top brands

18. This Radio flyer wagon is great for transporting kids in style around the festival and for lugging heavy stuff from the car to camping area. Available from The Great Little Trading Company, £82

19. Breakfast bars, crunch bars, smoothie pouches, dry snacks. Keep some handy for when you or the kids are tired and need a sugar-boost to get you back to the tent!

20. If you wear glasses pack a second pair or contact lenses just in case yours get lost, dropped or broken in busy crowds!

21. A spacious day bag to carry essentials

22. Lots of cash. Queues for the ATMs are long and dull with kids in tow

23. Wine box – no glass bottles are allowed on festival sites

24. A camper van. It’s too late for this weekend, but you can hire stunning retro Volkswagon camper vans from O’Conners Campers .

As a festival newbie I’m bound to have forgotten something essential! Please do share your tips and packing list with us below.

(This is an old blog I wrote for another website which I’m posting here now)


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