My quest for snow boots

Moon Boots

Every year I’m caught out. In Summer I never have my flip-flops ready, in Winter it’s neither a warm enough jacket or snowboots. I do have a lot of cashmere and thermal vests so am doing alright up top.

This year’s freaky snow is chilling me to the bones. My feet are just freezing. Jasper has had quite enough of the snow already and has regressed back into the buggie (who can blame him) or pleads to be carried and stands stock still infront of my legs bashing me with his back whining ‘warrry, warry’. So I’ve spent 4 days on a quest for snowboots.

Like Heston’s orange pudding, snowboots are this year’s mystical product. You can’t find them anywhere and they are selling on ebay for about a million quid. Along with children’s warm jackets (also impossible to buy by September) snow boots are pretty much sold out in the UK. Even if you can find a pair you won’t get them delivered until February as everyone’s snowed in. Never have I felt so much envy for the skiers. Watching them pad around Hanwell in their salupettes and apres-ski boots looking smug with warmth sends shivers down my already freezing spine. Next year I WILL BUY BOOTS in JULY along with winter jackets and other winter accessories.


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